21 de setembro de 2009 por Desirée Marantes

O valor de dividir


Muito legal essa entrevista com o criador da Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, onde ele fala sobre o valor de compartilhar e dividir com uma perspectiva bem interessante.

“The way I talk about this is as a reemergence of folk culture. For a long time, we thought about culture being more or less divided in two parts: We had pop culture, which was commercially driven, and then we had fine art culture, which was partially commercial but we felt it needed to be paid for by wealthy patrons or governments or something like that. But we also had folk culture—people sharing songs and stories passed down from generations. Now that we have all of these tools for communicating directly peer to peer, we are seeing a real explosion and reemergence of that kind of folk culture, and a move away from broadcast culture.”

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