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27 de abril de 2010 por marimessias

Que luxo

A artista Crystal Chou fez uma paródia do mercado de luxo com seu Superluxe, mas vamos deixar ela explicar:

Since the late 80s, the luxury goods industry has steadily grown into a multi-billion dollar behemoth that manufactures and sells image, status, and extravagance to consumers of all social classes.

With the continued expansion of luxury power houses, the industry has become relentlessly focused on the bottom line. Rather than keeping these luxury groups running by pumping out highly priced, blatantly branded and over-marketed goods, it is time for the industry to redefine luxury and return to reason, decency, discretion, beauty, and creativity. Right now is the perfect moment to put away the bells, plug up the whistles, and build a new image for the industry. Boring bling is over.

Luxury shouldn’t be standard. Luxury should be super.

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